Causing Terror Official Video!!

Thank you to everyone who worked on the video and made it happen!

Causing Terror is the second official video from the album “≠Three Cornered World”.
Shot in Osaka, Japan in May 2014.

Directed by Naoto Amazutsumi
Camera by Daisuke Oya
Special Assistance by Toshinori Maenaka

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Jitensha Punk Official Video!!

Jitensha Punk video from “≠ Three Cornered World” is created by 69’nersFILM

Director : shou yamamoto
CGdirector : hideaki hashimoto
Back Ground Drawings : satsuki yoshino
Producer : hideyuki haga

Thanks to all for the amazing work! We love it!

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2014 Japan Tour Dates

Our upcoming Japan Tour dates are announced! It has been 3 years since our last tour and we are ready to go! Again, super excited to share all these new song with you all!

Our good friend Thesis Sahib will be joining us on tour!

Come say hello to us! See you soon!
xo, the TG’s

April 27: Tokyo at Gallery COMMON
April 28: Nagano at PORKY
April 29: Niigata at Golden Pigs
May 02: Gifu at Ants
May 03: Nagoya at Vio
May 04: Himeji at Fab-space
May 05: Kyoto at UrBANGUILD
May 06: Osaka at CONPASS
May 09: Shizuoka at Freakyshow
May 10: Tokyo at SuperDeluxe

2014 Tour Flyer

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New Label Partner: Dora Dorovitch

French label Dora Dorovitch has partnered with Granma Music and Endemik Music to release our upcoming album “≠ Three Cornered World” on April 23, 2014.

We are really excited to get more exposure in France and Europe with the help of the Dora crew!! Big shouts to them for the support.

Take a look at the second video teaser for the album, also created by AJ Korkidakis.

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New album “≠ Three Cornered World” April 23, 2014

Album title : ≠ Three Cornered World
release date : April.23.2014
Format : CD
Label : Granma Music
Japan Tour at the end of April (dates coming soon)

Art work by Hiro Kurata

Track List:

1. No Gods / 皆神
2. Stacks on Stacks on Stacks on Stacks
3. The flight of the fearless
4. Jitensha Punk
5. Kaonashi
6. Causing Terror
7. 生首
8. Good time Charley
9. 鉛筆殺戮
10. Kanoesaru X La Lechuza
11. 3 3 3

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New clay dolls

New Triune Gods dolls have been created this year!
Dolls made by Yoko Kato | Photograph by Daiki Kato

Triune Gods clay dolls

Bleubird clay doll faceScott clay doll faceSibitt clay doll face

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Seven Days Six Nights Instrumental Version Now Available!

Instrumentals from our debut album are now available through bandcamp only!

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Triune Gods: Live in Osaka Video

Hello all.

It has been one month since our first tour as Triune Gods. Finally being able to perform together as Triune Gods was incredible and the shows and crowds for each show were amazing. It was special to share these songs with everyone and all be in it together each night.

Daiki and Yosuke from Granma Music came with us on tour and we are thankful to them for the commitment and support! We could not have succeeded without you! Here is some footage they took and put together from the last show in Osaka!

Enjoy and see you next time.

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Triune Gods Japan Tour 2011

Our first tour is approaching and we are all very excited to get together and share our music live with the people.

See you all at the shows!

November 19: Tokyo, Japan at Kaikoo Popwave Festival
November 22: Takasaki, Japan at Takasaki ROC
November 22: Shibuya, Japan at Club Asia
November 23: Nagano, Japan at Porky
November 26: Kobe, Japan at Taiyo to Tora
November 27: Osaka, Japan at Clapper

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Official Music Video Launches for Same Train!!

Our first official video is here! Released to the world on August 2nd, 2011!

The video was created by our friend and talented documentary and video maker Naoto Amazutsumi, who lives in and shot the video in Tokyo Japan. Many people have mentioned to us that our music is very visual and sounds like film music so for us to see one of our songs as a video is amazing!

We really need to thank Naoto Amazutsumi and his team for stunning shots, beautiful imagery and the extraordinary mini sets that were built. The video will explain better then we can.

Hope that you all will enjoy!
– the TG’s

Watch on vimeo:

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